Armor Protienes was first established in Brittany, a region where agriculture is as important for territorial development as it is for farming and food production. The soils and climate are suitable for forage production and livestock. Today, most of the operations are based in Western France. As a subisdiary of Savencia Group, it is one of the world’s leading dairy market players, known for its pioneering spirit and its ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customers.

> Foaming Milk Proteins
> Lactoperoxidase
> Acid Casein Attrition
> Rennet Casein 90 Mesh / Attrition
> Sodium / Calcium / Potassium Caseinate Spray
> Calcium / Sodium Caseinate Extruded
> Micellar Casein
> Casein Hydrolysate
> Lactoferrin