EDME Ingredients

EDME combines the benefits of experience and tradition with the innovative and adaptable mindset needed to stay at the forefront of a fast-changing industry. They are specialists in wholegrain, and masters of malted ingredients.

The professionals at EDME work with local farmers whenever possible to source the finest ingredients and develop them into exciting new products for the food industry. Their ethos is evolution—they have gone from exclusively producing dry products to pioneering the first soft-bite sprouted grain available for food manufacturers.

> Roasted & Crystal Barley Malt Flours
> Malted RYE & Malted Wheat Flours
> Diastatics Malts Flours

Other bakery products
> Flakes & Kibbles
> Gluten free Flours & Flakes
> Sprouted & soft Wholegrains
> Blends & Mixes
> Malty flavors