GEMEF Industries

Founded in Renève burgundy in 1897, GEMEF Industries is a French family business with a more than one hundred-year history in the manufacture of cereals and protein crops. The company designs and produces cereal ingredients for industrial bread making and is recognized as the market leader of crunchy cereals obtained by the extrusion cooking process. GEMEF is known for its quality standards, production traceability, and commitment to the environment. It is a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and has been committed for several years to a policy geared towards lowering the environmental impact of its activities.

> Malted Crisps
> Nano Crisps
> Rice Crisps
> Gluten Free Crisps
> Pea Protein Crisps
> Wheat Protein Crisps
> Chickpea Crisps
> Tomato Crisps
> Calcium Caseinate Crisps